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    • Brief Introduction
    • Advantage
    • Function
    • Training

    Introduction to Yijiaan

    What is Yi jia'an

    Through the Internet, intelligent terminal is the main platform to build a home-based pension model in line with China's national conditions. It can provide a six in one service system of medical treatment, nursing, rehabilitation, heterotrophic care, care, and care, mainly based on the mode of "online application, offline service", and realize the medical care services of administrative supervision, identity authentication, location tracking, security and other functions.

    Core concept of yijiaan

    Yizejiaan, Jiaan is Guotai, Guotai is the world's peace. With the power of a region, it contributes to the Chinese dream of national prosperity, long-term stability and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

    social value

    1 . Provide medical care services for patients at home and promote social harmony
    It is of great significance for the country, society and family to provide accurate and intelligent services for home patients with the help of real-time monitoring, intelligent platform and professional team.
    2 . Be able to train and promote reemployment
    Yijiaan intelligent medical care service platform can provide professional passport skills training for laid-off and unemployed people, and send them to the patients' home for passport after passing the examination, so as to realize the employment of laid-off and unemployed people.
    3 . Reduce medical expenses and optimize source allocation
    Reduce the expenditure of national medical expenses, optimize the allocation of medical resources, reduce the heavy burden of the elderly and their children, and solve the social difficulties of the adults' family supporting burden.