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    Rechargeable Direct Opthalmoscope

    Otoscope is made in Germany and the handles are with patent design,which can be adjusted the light on the handle by one hand operated.

    Product Description

    Direct Opthalmoscope:BX-JYJ-01A

    Technical Data

    ?Lighting form

    ?7 Apertures:

    Small Spot、Middle Spot、Semi-Spot、Big Spot

    Fissure     Gridding

    Center      Gridding

    ?Three Filters:

    Red free filter(Green filter)

    Polarized Filter

    Cobalt blue filter





    Light Source


    3.5V/2.6V micro LED/Xenon bulb


    Power Supply


    Lithium batteries 3.7V/1500mAh


    According to the ergonomics design,it's using the Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material,which make it touch comfortable,operate convenience,dedication and easy to carry.


    High impact,high heat resistance,flame retardant,touch comfortable.

    Power Supply

    Lithium rechargeable batteries.


    Otoscope is made in Germany and the handles are with patent design,which can be adjusted the light on the handle by one hand operated.